Life Long Learning Core Values

As emerging adults in the 21st century, Lindsay graduates will assume responsibilities in seven significant aspects or spheres of living, as represented in the following figure. These spheres of living provide the focus for the Life-Long Learning Standards for students and have the capacity to drive all school curricula and to impact instruction. Significant Spheres of Living Successfully mastering and balancing these roles will be essential for today’s learners. Our Life-Long Learning Standards seek to meet this challenge. Developed from the future conditions and addressing all aspects of living, the Life-Long Learning Standards for learners identify what learners need to know, understand, and do in order to thrive.

The Life-Long Learning Standards are:

A Well-Balanced Person (The Personal Sphere) A Self-Directed, Lifelong Learner (The Learning Sphere) A Caring, Compassionate Person (The Relationship Sphere) A Civic-Minded Person (The Civic Sphere) A Responsible Global Citizen (The Global Sphere) A Quality Producer & Resource Manager (The Economic Sphere) A Culturally Aware Person (The Cultural Sphere)

illustration of Life-Long Learning Standards